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Passive Resistance Training, SNCC, Atlanta, GA, 1960, by James Karales, courtesy Duke University Library


people had to be trained to deal wit the evil of white people

I hope this makes it clear to folks that non-violence as expressed during the Civil Rights Movement was not simply a moral or political choice. It was a tactical application as well.

Do y’all think SNCC, SCLC, CORE, MLK, Jr. or anyone else wanted to witness their people being beaten, that they wanted to stay their fists and guns when their CHILDREN were being murdered? If you do, I suggest you go back to history class, because MLK, Medgar Evers, Bayard Rustin, almost any person you can think of who advocated non-violence had armed guards and personnel in place for their and their people’s safety.

Non-violence as a resistance strategy was an attempt at provocation. Recognize that. Recognize that’s why these folks are training. Because they’re performing provocation through passive resistance. By not striking back they were illustrating the madness and vitriol of white supremacy. They were exposing in the most dramatic manner possible the denial of their humanity.

Understand: This was not turn the other cheek, this was looking into the eyes of the Devil and not backing down.

this is a damn good point to counter all the nonviolence moralistic liberal bullshit going on continuously in activist spaces.

Bolded some things.


Even Malcolm X recognized that it takes courage to be nonviolent, and he respected those from COFO and SNCC. To a certain extent, he was willing to be nonviolent also.

i’m sorry but i will always think this is fuckin stupid. it didn’t work. we got fucked up. we’re still getting fucked up. no end in sight. 

this wasn’t looking into the eyes of the devil and not backing down. this was looking into the eyes of the devil and being compelled to sacrifice yourself. 

and my brother has to play the devil’s part so i can practice making this sacrifice? nah bruh. 

will never fuck with it. 

It did work. When you walk into a restaurant through the front door not the back is proof. Yes racism still exist but come on. It takes courage and strength to not fight back, and in many instances eye for an eye is weak and easy.


Make Her Say - Kid Cudi ft Kanye West & Common

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Coca-Cola launching this product line of soda with names on the bottle was a brilliant marketing campaign. All this free advertising from people taking pics and posting it on social media. Even people who can’t find a bottle with their name on it are sharing pictures of Coke. 

Brand awareness game flawless. 

The niggas that work at Pepsi are sitting back right now like


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